Why Values Matter

Published on: Author: mmaurice
“As a member of Duck TV’s PR team, you are expected to:
– Understand and support Duck TV’s core values, be an advocate for Duck TV and positively engage with friends, campus, and the community,” reads The Duck TV Public Relations Syllabus.
Almost everywhere people go values matter. Values are so important because they are often the deciding factors in significant situations. Without using values to make decisions, people would lack standards, boundaries, and respect in the professional world and in general.
Values reflect personal ethics. I personally will turn down a high paying job offer if the company does not share my values. Values are basically like morals and beliefs, and it would be morally wrong of me to represent an organization if it lacked my similar beliefs. Wherever my career takes me, I am aware that my organization will reflect on my own reputation so it better be reflecting an accurate image of what is important to me. I will also be representing that organization and it would make no sense for me to be in disagreement with what they stand for.
Corporate Social Responsibility comes into play with values as it is basically the actions were taken and leadership that is necessary to weigh in on and “take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing.” https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/corp-social-responsibility.asp
CSR is important in establishing relationships between a corporation and its publics. Whether it be the individual people within the public, the stakeholders, or the surrounding society as a whole, the corporation has responsibilities and obligations to these people who support them. These obligations, better known as principles, are to be sustainable, accountable, and transparent.
In my opinion, these principles are not too much to ask for. I personally would only place trust and support in a corporation that delivered nothing less than sustainability, accountability, and transparency because I see these principles as values that align with my own.