Spotlight: Tommy Supple

Published on: Author: mmaurice
Tommy Supple is a junior at the University of Oregon, just finishing up his first term with Duck TV. Otherwise known as Johnny the Jackal, Tommy has been very busy this term as a writer, co-producer, and actor for the creative show “Jackal.” Tommy found out about Duck TV when his roommate and co-producer Spencer Sallander asked him if he would be interested in writing a show for the coming term. Although previously unfamiliar with Duck TV, he decided to accept and take a shot at writing a creative show. Tommy came up with the idea for Jackal with the help of his co-producer, saying, “Spencer actually started doing workouts at a boxing gym in the fall, and when we were throwing around ideas, the one that ended up clicking was about boxing,” and so Jackal was created.
Being a first time producer and actor, Tommy was apprehensive to accept the role due to his lack of experience. When asked about his first on-camera appearance he said, “Spencer and I were both nervous when we realized we might have to play lead roles.” After overcoming their nerves they were able to rise to the challenge and have since developed their on-camera presence.
While Tommy has been busy as a writer, producer, and actor for Duck TV this term, he is also a human physiology major at the UO. He chose human physiology because he has, “always been interested in how the body works,” and has hopes to become a medical examiner or coroner for the police department in the future. While Tommy has been busy this term with human physiology, Duck TV, club sports, and his job, he has still enjoyed his experience this term with Jackal as it, “didn’t necessarily feel like extra work.”
As a student outside of the Journalism program, Tommy says he would recommend Duck TV to anyone who has an interest in film or storytelling. He says that through his show he has learned more about filming and cinematography, which he otherwise wouldn’t have exposure to. While working with his busy schedule, Tommy looks forward to returning to Duck TV in the future.
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