Instagram & Models or Instagram Models

Published on: Author: mmaurice
While most of us use Instagram as a way to document our life through aesthetically pleasing photos and witty captions, some are using Instagram as a stepping stone into a modeling career. Writer Rosie Spinks for VICE interviewed both Instagram models with as little as 4,400 followers and as many as 600,000. What if your likes not only controlled how cute you thought your photo was or how ‘popular’ you are but was the deciding factor in getting signed to a modeling agency or not. Today millennials everywhere are using their pictures of promoting detox teas with a high volume of likes to earn money. One model who earned her fame and fortune through her Instagram photos, says that two jobs a month will pay her whole rent. Like the game has forever been changed. No longer do you need a professional photographer or a modeling career to identify as a model or get that blue check next to your name. People are using Instagram to market themselves for potential clients through their creativity and use the platform to build their career. For social media activists across the globe, many of these so-called Instagram models are viewed as these mysterious perfect creatures from the discover tab, and not successful women maintaining a career. So, what does it take to gain and uphold Instagram model status? Is it a perfect body or a becoming a fitness guru? Or maybe becoming a fashion nova? Nope. You just need high-quality photos, a lot of likes, and even more followers. If you are looking to pay your rent and make a living from posting on social media, you might want to rethink your day job and work on your Instagram aesthetic.