5 Things You Didn’t Know about Duck TV’s PR team

Published on: Author: mmaurice
Duck TV is the University’s student-run television network. Every term students work hard to produce 8 different shows that air weekly. When I heard about Duck TV I thought it was only for students who wanted a career in acting or broadcasting. Although, when I found out from a friend that they had a PR team I immediately wanted to join. Now having been a member of the PR team for four terms, I’ve seen the wide variety of jobs and options that you have when being a part of this team.
1. There are multiple teams within PR.
The PR team has grown so much in the last few years that now we work in 3 big teams all term. These teams include external, social media, and media. You know the external team as the people who serve food on Wednesday nights, social media as the people who post about the different shows, and media as the ones who make the cool Instagram stories; but these teams do so much more. Not only do we work in these teams but we each work in smaller, more specific teams that help to further improve Duck TV.
2. The external team does more than get food.
Getting food is harder than it looks. Each member of the team is responsible for securing and bringing food that will feed nearly 250 people. You would think it’s not that hard but you would be surprised at how many times food vendors do not want to donate food or cancel on students last minute. External also must come 30 minutes early to showings to serve the food. The external team initiates a partnership with the food vendor that calls for a food donation in exchange for free advertisement, for example having students follow/like the social media platform of the donor. This team is also responsible for organizing events to publicize Duck TV through tabling events on campus as well as creating flyers targeting non-Duck TV members.
3. We organize fundraisers.
The PR department is the only section of Duck TV that raises money to help support and expand the organization. Every term members of PR work to organize a fundraiser for Duck TV. For winter term, members partnered with Sam’s on Franklin Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant offered 10% of proceeds made to Duck TV when customers showed the fundraiser flyer with their purchase. External relations member, Kaylie Ferkich, says “organizing these fundraisers is definitely a lot of work, but worth it to raise money for an organization I enjoy participating in.” Members work hard all term to plan this event, and all the money raised goes to help the expansion and improvement of Duck TV.
4. Design and run Duck TV’s website.
When I joined Duck TV one year ago our website was in desperate need of a redesign. Members of our media team were willing to take on this task to give our website a whole new makeover. Our website now includes a description of what Duck TV is including various pictures, our Twitter feed, episodes of all eight shows, and various tabs with information about how to get in touch or involved with Duck TV. Members of this team get to utilize and improve their web and design skills throughout the term.
5. Make connections with other clubs and resident halls on campus.
Every term we break off into groups that focus on more specific ways we can expand and connect with people outside of the Duck TV community. Just a few terms ago we connected with The Daily Emerald and participated in their annual Emerald Fest. Members from PR set up a table with flyers and Duck TV merchandise, talking to those who walked by to get them interested and involved in Duck TV. Another group teams up and works with resident assistants in the dorms to help us get connected to the freshmen. Most freshmen have no idea what Duck TV is so they don’t join or watch. We work with the RA’s to post flyers throughout the dorms and talk to freshmen about getting involved in Duck TV. Events like these help Duck TV grow and get recognized by those on campus who are not involved.