Spotlight: Bernice Amaya

Published on: Author: mmaurice
This is my first term working with Duck TV, and I’m still learning about all the pieces that work together to create a successful show every Wednesday night. I was curious about the other positions and opportunities that are available in Duck TV, so I reached out to sophomore Bernice Amaya to learn about her experiences with the course.
This is Bernice’s second term with Duck TV and she works specifically with the news team this winter. She explained to me that her position changes weekly and cycles between being an anchor, reporter, or just part of a group that makes each episode possible. When asked which positions she has tried, and which has been her favorite, she told me about her opportunity as an anchor two weeks ago. She raved about her first experience being an anchor saying, “it was as fun as all of the returners said it was. Sitting under the lights and having cameras all over gave me such an adrenaline rush… literally cannot wait to do it again!”
Many students in Duck TV are aspiring actors, producers, editors, etc., and some do it just for fun to discover a new passion or gain more experience in the entertainment field. I asked Bernice if this course has helped her discover a career path or confirm any interests she previously had before joining Duck TV. She confidently responded that being part of the news team has solidified her interest in working in the news industry. Bernice loves that she is in an environment where she can learn more about working in a team to produce weekly stories.
Bernice’s enthusiasm and love for Duck TV were obvious when we discussed her experiences thus far. I asked her if she had any final advice for anyone who is debating getting involved with Duck TV but is hesitant to try it. She responded, “for any aspiring Duck TV members, some Bernice advice would be YOLO. I debated my whole freshman year on auditioning, and I never ended up going through with it because I was too nervous and scared. I say if you are having just a slight inkling feeling that Duck TV might be something you are interested in, DO IT! The people you meet along the way, whether it’s crew members or from stories in the field, are nothing short of amazing.”
Come meet Bernice and see her hard work with the news team at Duck TV screenings Wednesdays in Pacific Hall 123 at 8PM!