11 Reasons Why Duck TV Is Awesome!

Published on: Author: mmaurice
1. You get to meet so many amazing people!
Duck TV is one of those organizations that has every single type of person in it. From the theatre nerd to the accounting genius, we have it all. So, don’t think that just because you aren’t a Cinema Studies or Journalism major that you can’t be a part of Duck TV, because you totally can!
2. It makes you a better problem solver!
Being a good problem solver is such an important skill to have. It sets you apart from people and will definitely help in your future career. While in Duck TV, you will be put in so many different situations where you will have to solve a problem as quickly as possible. Whether it’s that it starts to rain when you’re on an outdoor shoot or the graphics that you created got deleted, you will have to find a way to fix each situation.
3. It takes you out of your comfort zone!
You may have to do things that you might not be totally comfortable with, but that’s okay! Sometimes you might have to participate in tabling events or things of that sort where you talk to the public about all of the amazing stuff you do, even if you’re shy and don’t like talking to people. Doing these things will help you gain more confidence and learn so much more about yourself!
4. You get a ton of hands-on experience!
From setting up the lights and sound to getting to write your own blog posts, you get so much hands-on experience. This type of experience does not come often, so take advantage of it while you have the chance!
5. You learn so many new things!
During your time in Duck TV, you will learn so much! You could learn how to work a professional camera, how to become a reporter, or even how to create your own show. There are so many different things available for you to learn, so even if you are unsure if you are interested in something, you should try it out!
6. It looks awesome on a resume!
Being a part of your university’s television station is a pretty cool thing, but it not a walk in the park. When employers see that on a resume they are able to tell that you are hard-working, creative, and innovative. Everyone wants to get the job of their dreams right out of college, so who knows, doing Duck TV might set your application apart from everyone else’s and help land you that dream job.
7. You get college credit!
Not only will you be able to be a part of an awesome organization, but you will also be able to get some college credit for it! It’s pretty great, I know.
8. You get to be a part of something smaller while being in such a big school.
The University of Oregon is pretty big, so being a part of clubs or organizations help the school feel a little bit smaller. Seeing familiar faces around campus makes the school really feel like home, and in Duck TV you will meet tons of people so you will be seeing familiar faces everywhere you go.
9. You can make friends that will last a lifetime!
Everyone says that college is where you make lifelong friends, and Duck TV can be the place where that happens! Because you are meeting so many new people, the possibility of friendships are endless!
10. You learn how to work with all kinds of people.
Duck TV is a big team with all different kinds of people. Having the ability to work with people that are different than you is an essential skill. You will learn to put aside your differences so that you can create something amazing.
11. It is honestly just really fun. IT IS AWESOME!
This organization literally has so much to offer! So, next time you hear about those Duck TV auditions, don’t hesitate! Go to the auditions and be a part of this program, you won’t regret it.