Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running
 By Jaymie Arnold
When picking a University such as the University of Oregon, most students’ eyes are glued on the sports teams, greek life and beautiful campus. However, for freshman Jassy McKinley, she was head over heels for the U of O as soon as she heard about Duck TV.
McKinley was exposed to broadcasting at a young age when she went on a school field trip to a local news station as well as when she had a teacher whose husband was a news reporter and meteorologist. She had instantly developed a passion for broadcasting. McKinley is now a Super Journalism major, or “Super J” and in her third term of the news broadcasting team for Duck TV where she works diligently, digging deep in local and national events going on in the world. She also films, does B-roll for packages, VOSOTs and VO’s. She has also been a meteorologist for an episode and has had experience anchoring for the news shows. McKinley has reported on issues such as student worker wages and the national student walk out.
As Mckinley reflects back on her experience the past two terms and this current term, she says, “ broadcasting is my passion, the SOJC has so many opportunities and Oregon and the Duck TV program have been a dream from the beginning.” She is thankful for the skills Duck TV has taught her such as how to use the switch board graphics and several other techniques that will help her prosper in the years to come.
The atmosphere, creativity and passion are what keep McKinley motivated and she loves the people Duck TV has surrounded her with. She refers to them as family.

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