An Interview with Duck TV’s, Macy Hyland

By McKenzie Edgar
Throughout college, Macy Hyland has been known for singing with Mind the Gap, an award-winning UO A cappella group. However, she is also a talented reporter who can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Hyland is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism. She is finishing her last term at the University of Oregon as a first-time reporter for Duck TV. Hyland joined Duck TV because she realized Duck TV would offer her additional experience in her desired field during her post-grad job search.
This term, Macy is joining Duck TV’s sports reporting team. Some of her contributions to Duck TV include game coverage, editing and producing. Being on camera and shooting game footage is just a few aspects of Duck TV that she loves. Her dream job is to work for ESPN as a sports reporter.
When asked how reporting ties into her passion, she explains, “I’ve always wanted to work in reporting and I also have an interest in entertainment reporting. I’ve always enjoyed college football growing up and that led to my desire to become a sports analyst which is where I want to end up someday.”
Her senior advice is to “spend all of your time making sure you are boosting yourself as a job candidate. Your GPA is important but make sure you are doing so much more than that because your GPA is not that important [in the end].”
Thinking about joining Duck TV? Here’s Macy’s advice: “I was scared for a long time to do it and I’m doing it now and I feel like I’m doing it well. That fear was so not grounded in anything so don’t be afraid, there’s no reason [to be].”

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