Producer of Oregon Profiles, Jessie Price hopes to inspire others to defy odds and pursue their dreams.

By Matilde Begliomini

Meet Jessie Price, Journalism major at the SOJC and aspiring broadcast journalist. Jessie first discovered her passion for writing her senior year of high school when she joined yearbook class and had to take on the responsibility of developing riveting captions and descriptions that drew readers in. Price also participated regularly in school assemblies and found that she thoroughly enjoyed speaking to publics. Her advanced writing skills combined with her outgoing and spunky personality made Price fit for the camera and ultimately drove her to explore the realms of the SOJC.

Once she acquired full major status, Jessie began considering the plethora of clubs the SOJC had to offer and felt right at home when she committed to Duck TV.
Like most college students, Price’s initial motive to join Duck TV was to enhance her resume. It wasn’t until long though that she realized how well she got along with the sports broadcast team and it was in her deep interest to develop long lasting connections. Soon, Price found herself in front of the camera regularly, covering games and bringing new excitement to the channel. Duck TV didn’t become just a resume builder, but rather an incredible life experience.

This year Jessie has decided to take on a new challenge within Duck TV to produce a documentary short as one of the creative shows this spring term. The short, titled Oregon Profiles, brings forth stories of students on campus who have overcome obstacles and made a name for themselves here at the University of Oregon. The documentary is meant to bring awareness to students that not everyone’s struggle is the same and hopes to inspire others to defy odds and pursue their dreams.

Jessie wishes to continue to be a part of Duck TV next year and build on her experience as a news broadcaster as well as a producer.

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