Senior Profile: Joey McMurry, Executive Producer

As a senior focusing on upcoming graduation and as an executive producer dealing with the craziness of overseeing the productions of Duck TV, Joey McMurry has his hands full these last weeks of spring term. With his future aspirations figured out by the time he entered college, McMurry is graduating with a major in Journalism and minors in both Computer Science and Business; all in a matter of three short years.

McMurry is one of the four Executive Producers for Duck TV. He oversees the excitement of the sports section, and creative shows Duck TVEats and Life of Trees. He explains, “I am the person the producers come to if they need anything and I help them deal with filming issues,” but to limit any problems, he makes an effort to attend every shoot. He humbly concludes his job description by continuing, “Basically I just make sure everything gets done.” Doesn’t that sound like a piece of cake? Not the case for this job. Juggling all three shows is anything but easy as McMurry expresses he is constantly on the move getting productions finalized for viewings.

Being an Executive Producer wasn’t always McMurry’s position on Duck TV, but he did start out with a notable position as a freshman. Spring term of his freshman year McMurry became involved with Duck TV when he was first hired as a sports reporter, which eventually lead to anchoring. He admitted, “When I first began with Duck TV I had very little experience in working on TV because a lot of my background was in radio and writing,” so this was considered his first test in television. When asked how he became an Executive Producer, McMurry explained that in general, with sports, people climb the ladder from reporting and anchoring, to producing, then concluding with achieving a job as an “EP.” McMurry’s experience in Duck TV has been different from the typical progression of positions in this organization. Remarkably, McMurry was able to skip the stage of producing by being hired from an anchor straight into the position as an Executive Producer.

On top of being one of Duck TV’s lifeline, McMurry is involved with the Student’s Radio Station as a sports director. Being a part of two demanding organizations, he found that he had to make a decision on which organization to cover sports for. McMurry chose the radio station, but in the end gained the Executive Producer position on Duck TV; this was most definitely a win-win situation for McMurry to prevail in his continuous involvement.

When graduating and leaving the Duck TV community, there are hardly any moments that McMurry won’t miss in all that he has experienced through his work. Portraying more sentiment with this topic McMurry explicitly said, “Most individuals would say they are going to miss the people more than anything,” but he thought this to be too shallow. He went more in depth with his response by explaining although it is true that he will miss the Duck TV community, “What I’m going to miss the most is watching those people produce something that they’re proud of.” For McMurry, the greatest reward is seeing his peers learn how to do something they love, and this is what he will miss the most about the Duck TV family.


Written by Serena Motelewski

Edited by Erin Coates

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