Hazardous Humor

With high hopes of creating a show that gives the word “crazy” an entirely new meaning comes the comedy Occupational Hazards as it takes viewers into the depths of insanity encountered in a local convenience store. The comedy follows main character, Emiro Blom playing “the worker” at his new job as he confronts peculiar customers while learning to cover the night shift at the store.

Produced by Dan Malloy, Charlie Craft, and Emiro Blom, Occupational Hazards successfully portrays their shared goal to make viewers laugh by experiencing a new level of abnormality. Inspired by Malloy’s personal experience of a late-night run to Seven-Eleven, Occupational Hazards is a perfect mixture between his actual experience and their extremes. He explained that he came up with the idea for his show as he imagined all of the different types of people and obstacles workers must encounter at a job like this. Malloy discussed that after visiting the store and envisioning all the funny scenarios that could possibly happen, he came up with the idea to to bring these visions to life through his show.

With each customer coming in a little crazier than the next, Malloy voiced through laughter, “we tried to come up with the craziest scenarios possible, we want to raise the bar on insanity.” As auditions approached, Malloy asked his friend Emiro if he would be interested in playing the main character, as he felt he cast the role perfectly. Emiro agreed and the two then collaborated their ideas to create a shared vision of the type of actors they were looking for. Dan explained that after that, “everything just sort of fell together in the auditions, we found a person to match every character we had in mind.”

Freshman producer and editor, Dan Malloy is in his third term with Duck TV. He started as a production assistant fall term, working on several different shows, and, with a little experience and excitement, has brought his visions to the screen with Occupational Hazards, which premiered for the first time last week. Malloy hopes to major in cinema studies and continue working in film after he graduates from the University of Oregon. As for Charlie Craft and Emiro Blom, this spring is their first term with Duck TV, but hopefully not their last.

Fortunately, the filming and production of this new show has gone smoothly thus far as a local convenience store, Minit Market, has been extremely helpful in allowing the crew to film during business hours. Malloy even announced that the employees seem to enjoy the entertainment and that they are grateful to have faced such few challenges during the production process.

Along with Emiro, we will meet many different characters as the show progresses, with each customer played by a different actor, owning an entirely new personality and eliciting a higher level of “insanity.” Malloy hopes his new show will create the feel of a “live-action looney tune” with extreme characters and details. He explained that his overall objective is to “get to a certain point of craziness that people will accept it. We are putting no limits on the show.” With strange characters, uncomfortable situations you can’t help but laugh at, and a constant background flow of classical music brings together Occupational Hazards with its second episode determined to be even more bizarre and daring next week.


Written by Olivia Singer

Edited by Erin Coates

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