Deej Savage

IMG_4140Production Assistant, Actress – (Kelly Zahn)

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

How did you get involved in Duck TV: My older sister has been involved for a few
terms and after helping out behind the scenes on some of the films, I decided to get

Major: Business and Cinema Studies

Hobbies: Any sort of extreme sport. I’m talking sky diving, hang gliding, singing
in the shower, and skiboarding (this is a unique combination of skiing and
snowboarding at the same time. It takes an extreme amount of coordination to do
this; please don’t try it at home.)

Favorite thing about The Lab: Everybody on set is great and is willing to help teach
something if I don’t know how to do it (so most everything). We have a lot of fun
between takes, which creates a great atmosphere.

How did I get involved in working with the equipment: I really just got thrown in to learn about all the equipment we use on set, but it’s something I’ve always wanted
to learn. I guess it’s a great chance for me to do something I really enjoy.

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