Lexi Sloan

IMG_4139Actress – (Sara “Bell” Bellamini)

Hometown: Westlake Village, CA

Major: Pre-Journalism

How you got involved with Duck TV: I was lost on my way to class and found a poster for auditions.

Hobbies: Acting, baking, finding good Acapella covers and singing along, and
watching movies with friends

Favorite thing about The Lab: The Lab is really fun because it is a serious show, but
the second the camera is off, everyone is laughing and gets along great!

Favorite line from the show: Probably “I don’t remember saying we’re friends”

Favorite part about Duck TV: Favorite thing about It gives me something to do with
my time besides just going to class and I have met some really cool people that I can
talk to and see around campus.

Ike Miller

pic 14Actor – (Paul Fields)

Hometown: Cape Town, West Missouri

How you got involved with Duck TV: My fortuneteller told me about it. She thought
it was going to be a tiny television-set made to be watched by waterfowl…but close
enough, I guess.

Major: Circus Studies

Hobbies: Magnets

Favorite thing about The Lab: The part right at the beginning of Episode One when
Aaron wakes up, and he was sleeping in his clothes for some reason, and then he
says “Where are my clothes?”

Favorite part about my character: On the outside Paul seems like a nice guy, but
when you dig a little deeper he seems like a bad guy. But really he’s just a bad
driver; or at least that’s how I hope to portray him.

Jake Durrant

IMG_3902Actor – (Aaron Link)

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

How you got involved with Duck TV: My roommate did it and he said it was fun. Plus I am all about being rich, famous and being successful screen actor.

Major: Philosophy

Hobbies: Teaching kittens to read, saving blind orphans from trees, and being

Favorite thing about the Lab: How into the actual script it gets me.

Favorite Line: “Paul shut up! Let her finish.”

Deej Savage

IMG_4140Production Assistant, Actress – (Kelly Zahn)

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

How did you get involved in Duck TV: My older sister has been involved for a few
terms and after helping out behind the scenes on some of the films, I decided to get

Major: Business and Cinema Studies

Hobbies: Any sort of extreme sport. I’m talking sky diving, hang gliding, singing
in the shower, and skiboarding (this is a unique combination of skiing and
snowboarding at the same time. It takes an extreme amount of coordination to do
this; please don’t try it at home.)

Favorite thing about The Lab: Everybody on set is great and is willing to help teach
something if I don’t know how to do it (so most everything). We have a lot of fun
between takes, which creates a great atmosphere.

How did I get involved in working with the equipment: I really just got thrown in to learn about all the equipment we use on set, but it’s something I’ve always wanted
to learn. I guess it’s a great chance for me to do something I really enjoy.

Blair Lindberg

IMG_3888Writer and Producer – (Dr. Zahn)

Hometown: University Place, Washington

How you got involved with Duck TV: I got involved with Duck TV as a transfer student
and I want to do film professionally, so I did this to pursue my interest

Major: Cinema Studies

Hobbies: Making laughter, film and friends. I also love sports as well as playing them.
Actually I love doing everything, so everything is my hobby.

Favorite thing about the Lab: My favorite thing about the lab is my cast and crew.
They help my vision come true and I could not have done with without each and
everyone of them.

Where do you see yourself after college: After college I see myself working in film,
hopefully Hollywood or independent in L.A. or Seattle.