Absolute Zero

Mitchell Marziali

DSC_3305Character: Tony Colombo
Year: Senior
Major: Cinema Studies

“I joined Duck TV because I enjoy filmmaking. It’s an outlet for people like me to
express their creative visions. I got involved last term when I pitched Mob Bros.”

Tawny Murphy

DSC_3543Character: Chloe Roberts
Year: Junior
Major: Theatre Arts

“I heard about Duck TV from a friend. I have always been interested in film and
television acting, so I thought I’d give it a shot!”

Trevor Curtis

DSC_3514Character: Kevin Winston
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism- Advertising

“I began at the encouragement of my neighbor, Emily Kirk, who produces news
for Duck TV. After trying out and reading scripts, I was picked as an actor on
the show Mob Bros, directed by Mitchell Marziali. I found a passion for being
involved in front of the camera. Being an advertising major, I made sure to be a
part of the initial Duck TV PR department, where we work to promote the Duck
TV brand. Next term I have high hopes for producing my own show as well as
working to improve the quality and reputation of our network.”

Blair Lindberg

DSC_3345Character: Simon Maddox
Year: Senior
Major: Cinema Studies

“I got involved with Duck TV by pure chance as I was looking for a film outlet. I
have done it ever since.”

Alessandro Williams

DSC_3372Character: Quinn Sullivan
Year: Freshman
Major: English and Business Administration

“Duck TV seemed fun and like something that I could do well. I felt as if it would
be a great opportunity for me to network and make a name for myself in the
media world. I honestly just went into auditions with no real expectations and did
what I love to do; create a new identity for myself.”