GTFF Strike at UO

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After a 38-year peaceful relationship between the UO administration and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, the GTFF is now on strike due failed negotiations regarding their new contract. Spencer Hurbis brings you the story from the University of Oregon campus:

Behind the Trees

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If you live in Oregon, then you are familiar with the abundance of trees. But what if these trees had a mind of their own? What would they say if they had the ability to converse with one another? Director Alex Crowson, with a love for nature-documentaries, depicts an image of what this would look […]

Hazardous Humor

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With high hopes of creating a show that gives the word “crazy” an entirely new meaning comes the comedy Occupational Hazards as it takes viewers into the depths of insanity encountered in a local convenience store. The comedy follows main character, Emiro Blom playing “the worker” at his new job as he confronts peculiar customers […]