Welcome to Duck TV! The University of Oregon's student-run television network.

  • It Consists of 8 segments: news, sports, and 6 comedic/dramatic creative programs.
  • 150+ students are involved with the program. 
  • Learning environment: we accept a mix of highly experienced students and those with no experience looking to learn.
  • Students are unpaid but can receive J 406 credit.
  • We take new students every term.
  • We air 6 episodes a term.
  • Shows air Wednesday's at 8 PM in Allen 221 and on channel 23 at 8:30 PM.
  • Our faculty adviser is Rebecca Force, a broadcast professor in the Journalism school.

 News is...

The Bucket List is the Winner of this weeks force award. Click the photo to view Episode 1.
Click here to watch!